Overland Network – Logistic Service

Overland Network – Logistic Service

Overland Network is an Italian television production company and since 1982 we have been producing TV endeavours of the highest order which are broadcasted all over the world. We combine the vast experience we have developed over the years with the innovative ideas of a young creative team and a solid international network of collaborators.

Thanks to a background comprising more than 45 years of experience in exploration travel around the world, we have produced some of the most successful programmes in the adventure journey genre. Our programmes are extremely popular with the public and have had peaks of 36% of TV share and 5 million viewers.
Although we are known mainly as leaders in the adventure journey genre, we can offer much more! On the back of our trademark organisational skills and the creativity of our team, we are busy developing new formats for international markets.

We create innovative projects by combining the concept of travel to every television format and mixing things up: we show a type of journey from an unexpected perspective or we take a different type of genre and take it on a journey around the world!
The travel genre can therefore be blended in different types of TV genres like cooking, educational, business, romance, sport, talent, game shows, etc.
Put our experience to the test with impossible journeys – we love challenges! We can take a TV production anywhere: to the heart of the Amazon jungle, to the summit of K2, and the most extreme points of the globe.
We are always open to new partnerships, ideas, experiences and requests from international partners and clients, in order to create unique products for global television broadcasters.

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